Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tiwanaku April 30, 2012

We wanted to show you the "mini" bananas.  They are about 2 to 3 inches long, have a really thin peel and taste wonderful.  These would be great for small children who only eat a part of a regular banana. 

This is the church in Tiwanaku, near the ruins that we visited on our last P-day.  A lot of the stones used to build the church were taken from the ruins before it was protected.

This is a part member family, the Cordero's that we invited to go with us.  The father is a member and we have been teaching and loving the wife and daughter.  Even though they have lived here their whole lives, they had never been to Tiwanaku.  We were happy they could come.  It was another country holiday, so Lucia was out of school.

This is the top of a doorway.  It has puma, condor, fish, and snakes carved in it.   We saw this in an area where there were huge stones laying around on the ground. 

This is the door of the moon going into the main temple with a monolith seen through the door.  When we were here about 8 years ago with Andrew, we could walk up the steps and through the door.  It is roped off now.  The stone wall in the front is the subterranean temple.  It's amazing to think that the people moved these huge stones into place without heavy equipment.

We are in front of the wall of the subterranean temple.  In all the walls are carved heads representing all the cultures that used these temples 1500 years BC to 500 years AD.  Some are well preserved, others are just rough rocks.

This is the wall that goes around the main temple.  Elder Dibb is pointing to a water drain.  You can see the small "canal" that carries the water away from the wall to another small "canal" that goes all the way around the temple.  This is a large area and has the same dimensions as Solomon's Temple.

This is a monolith within the temple walls.  You can see the walls going up the hill behind the monolith.  This is the base of a pyramid that they had just started to unearth when we were here before.  It is huge and goes all around this hill in the area.  Other pictures will come.  The Blog wouldn't save or publish all the pictures at one time.

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Brian said...

Mina loved those little bananas in Bali. She would eat 4 at one sitting.