Monday, May 14, 2012

Last Monday and Tuesday we had a transportation demonstration.  All the buses, mini buses, and taxis were not running.  Not only that, they also blocked the intersections so that no other cars could get around.  This picture is taken from our apartment window.

This is looking the other way from our apartment window.  The buses filled the streets.  It was really kind of nice not to have all the traffic for a couple of days.  But schools closed and most people couldn't get to work.  The stores started running low on some of their products.  Luckily, it only lasted for 2 days and their complaints to the government were settled.

Most of the dogs that have owners wear clothes.  We see them all over in the park.  This one has on a dress so it must be female.

We got the braille hymns in Spanish for Hermana Auza.  We'll take them to her on Wednesday.  They are 2 huge books, but it will give her an opportunity to have all the words to the hymns.  Our kids ordered them in Utah and sent them here.  They said that there were braille books in the package and we didn't have any problem getting them through customs.  We've decided it might be good to send something braille with every package, but they are so big, it costs a lot to send them.

Here are some flowers I got for mothers day along with chocolates, cards, and a nice scarf.  Mostly it was just nice to talk to all the kids and grand kids on SKYPE.  Love that family of ours.

Elder Dibb is good to make breakfast.  This day, he picked up the regular flour instead of the pancake mix and made this pancake that weighed a "ton".  We thought it was a pretty design, but threw it in the trash and started over with the pancake flour.

This is a picture of us with Carmina and Alex before his baptism on Saturday.

The young man at the right, Rodrigo, is the mission leader in our ward and has received his call to serve in the Bahia Blanca Mission in Argentina.  He's a nice young man. You can tell Alex is excited to be baptized.

A picture with Alex again.  As we have mentioned in our letter, Alex is from France.  His dad was a diplomat for France and was an ambassador to a couple of countries in Africa.  Alex speaks 5 languages, including English.

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