Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29, 2012

We were walking along the street one day and saw the "traffic zebras" walking in a line across the road getting ready for their assignments.  By the time we got the camera out, they were just lines up against the building and starting off to their designated intersections.

This is Elder Dibb's favorite tree.  He has to duck every time we go down this street.  It's funny how they trim the trees.  There is no rhyme or reason, just "cut a little here and a little there".  Some of the trees look pretty "scalped" when they are finished with the pruning.

We decided to try a banana nut bread.  You can see that there is a huge "cave-in" in the middle.  We just have to try something, then adjust the ingredients to match the altitude.  It tasted good, but was a little gooey in the middle.

This is the car wash. All around the Plaza Abaroa there are men with buckets and rags, washing cars and trucks.  People know where to park when they want their car washed.

Elder Dibb bought me some more flowers for the Bolivian "Dia de la Madre".  I love flowers, so it is really nice to have them in our apartment.  They make it look like home and it smells good, too.

Hermana Auza is teaching a keyboarding class.  There are about 20 students in it, ranging from  about 8 years old up to mothers.  She is our blind sister who was 10 years old when Elder Dibb was here on his first mission.  We've been able to help her get some materials for the blind (with the help of Mindy in the U.S.)  I am helping her some.  I can write on the board and take some of the young people into another room to practice what she has taught.  It's a fun diversion.

These two young girls sang for the mothers in the piano class on Sunday because it was "Dia de la Madre".  They sang "O Solo Mio"  They had beautiful voices and it was so thoughtful of them to share their talents with us.

Some of the missionaries playing the cup game in our apartment on Monday - P-Day.  We played, ate pizza and made cookies, then watched "16 Miracles" on our computer.

Making cookies.

The district missionaries in our apartment after the activities of the day.  Two other missionaries who were there, had to leave because they had received new companions and needed to meet them and go to their new areas.

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