Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Zone Conference

We were invited to President and Hermana Quintanilla's home for lunch one day last week.  We enjoyed our visit very much and we especially love the children.  Bonnie is 8 and is trying to learn to play the piano, so I spent some time with her.  Josua is 4 and was having fun playing soccer with Elder Dibb.  He also enjoyed wearing Elder Dibb's hat.

We had a zone conference where there were over 70 missionaries gathered together for some team building games and some competition.  It was interesting to see all the elders and sisters in "play clothes".  It was hard to recognize some of them that we know well.

Here the sisters are working together to carry another sister to the finish line.  They had tires with 4 ropes and they had to balance their companions.  Looked like they were having a fun time.

This is Elder Andrade who is in the office.  We saw him and his companion going to the store on our way to the Chapel.  Because of his hat and clothes, we didn't even recognize him until they said "hello" to us.

The elders and sisters were put in lines and given a spoon.  Then they were given a lime that they had to pass from person to person from one end of the line to the other.  If the lime dropped anywhere along the line, they had to start over.  It was a fun competition.

These are the lines of missionaries for the "lime pass".  After the games everyone gathered in the gym in a circle and President Quintanilla debriefed them on the importance of working together and cooperating to achieve the goals of the mission and be successful.  It was interesting to see each elder or sister that responded to a question, stand up to answer, then return to their place on the floor.  They understood the importance of this great work and the need to work together to achieve it.

There was free time for playing volleyball.  Volleyball players in the U.S. would be interested to see how many times these guys and girls used their feel to keep the ball from hitting the floor, most of the time getting it back over the net.

Outside and the soccer/basketball court, other missionaries were playing basketball.

I know this is blurry, but it shows Elder Dibb going for a pass from President Quintanilla.

Notice the defensive stance of Elder Dibb.  He is "ready" for anything.  It was fun playing with the missionaries.  We got pretty tired and today have a hard time walking.  Tomorrow we meet together for further instructions in Zone Conference.

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