Monday, February 18, 2013

A mansion in Cochabamba

On a P-day a few weeks ago, we went to this mansion.  The man who built it was one of the big silver mine owners.  He had a lot of things imported and had a ballroom inside, along with individual bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, game room, etc.  It was quite the place.  We were restricted to taking photos outside.  We found out that the family never lived in the house, but lived in Europe.

This is outside the house and is an outdoor theater with a stage and dressing rooms, etc.  They put chairs in front of the stairs for the audience.  The picture is taken from the patio.

Some of the grounds surrounding the mansion.

Dale in front of the "big house"  It has three floors and a basement that they use for an art gallery.

This just shows the patio around the house and one of the flowering trees.

They had their own grotto that had lots of roots and plants growing in it.  Because they never lived there, it wasn't used for the purpose that it was built.

Some more of the grounds.

A pond with lily pads on the grounds.

We've been working on the morning shift at the temple so we haven't been to the Saturday market since we have been in Cochabamba.  We went last week and this week we decided to take a few pictures.  This lady pointed at me and said "no photos",  just after I had taken the picture.  Well this is how they sell chicken, pork, beef, and fish at the market.  I didn't get any pictures of the other things since this lady told me "NO".

This is the egg stand.  The eggs are really fresh, but you have to bring your own cartons or baskets to carry them home.

This is the cheese stand.  There are all kinds of cheese and you just have them cut off what you want.  It is really good cheese.

This is just a picture of some of the people and stands.  Notice the scale.

There are a lot of young kids with wheel barrows.  People fill up their wheel barrows with food and then these youngsters push them out to the waiting taxis.  They earn some money and people don't have to carry the heavy bags.

Down one of the streets with stands on both sides.

We loved this banana stand.  There were all kinds of bananas.  Interesting!!  It was a great day at the market and we got a lot of good vegetables and fruits for not too much money.  We'll miss the fresh produce when we get back to the U.S.