Monday, April 23, 2012

A Tour of La Paz and a baptism

We went on a tour bus to learn more about the city of La Paz.  These native Bolivians were on the steps of the Church across from the Plaza Murillo.  We love there native dress.

On the plaza, there were tons of pigeons.  More than we usually see.  This dad was helping his little boy feed the pigeons. 

We went to the supermarket and everything was too heavy to carry home.  It's just about a block away.  They have young kids there as baggers.  This one brought all the food to our apartment in the shopping cart, then took it back.  Elder Dibb gave him 10 Bolivianos for a tip.  His eyes got really big and he was so excited.  It was fun to have his help and to see his eyes light up.

Police were all along the streets as we traveled on the bus.  They were expecting another "march".

These ladies were on the steps of the Supreme Court building in the middle of La Paz.  The one has a baby on her back.  They make the big skirts by hand, along with the shawls and knitted hats.

This is the famous Illumani peak.  It has snow on it all year and are about 21, 200 feet high.  It is really a beautiful sight - when we can see it.  It is usually covered by clouds.

The tall ruin in the middle is from Tiwanaku (ancient ruins that we hope to visit in the near future).  The others are reproductions.  They don't let the real ones out of Tiwanaku now.  We saw Tiwanaku with Andrew about 8 years ago.)  This is a square in the section of Miraflores in La Paz.  During his first 6 months in La Paz years ago, Elder Dibb lived in a house right on the other side of the yellow building.

Usually we see policemen directing traffic.  But we also see the zebras who stop traffic and dance around.  They are kind of fun for the children.

We got our shoes shined on the corner of the park on our way home from the Mission Office.  This man charged us 5 Bolivianos for both of us.  That is less than $1.00.  Nice to have shiny shoes once in a while.

We had a wonderful experience on Saturday, April 21.  Arturo was baptized.  Elder Dibb had the opportunity to baptize him.  It was a special meeting and we had a good group of his friends and ward members to support him.  He is a nice young man.  One of his friends that he plays soccer with said that he never thought he would be baptized and that he has changed so much.

Elder Dibb and Arturo have a special bond.  As Arturo was bearing his testimony, he talked about getting rid of missionaries before, but when Elder Dibb started teaching him, he felt a special spirit and it has changed his life.  Elder Dibb says that he was just ready to hear and accept the Gospel.  It was a sweet experience.  He was confirmed on Sunday and received the priesthood.

We went to the market again on Monday.  These men carry huge bags on their backs to get the products to the different places on the streets.

Interesting sight from the venders on the street. 

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It all looks very familiar. :) Hope you are having a wonderful experience.