Monday, May 7, 2012

Visit to Batallas and Alex

We visited Batallas this past Saturday.  It is a small branch on the Alti-plano.  The young men on the right are the missionaries there.  The one on the outside is the Branch President and was really helpful in helping some of those present to understand.  We had over-prepared with a power point presentation, etc. but after the first few minutes realized that they had no idea what we were talking about.  The R.S. was to learn about Visiting Teaching.  They didn't even have a full presidency in a couple of the branches.  They had not program at all and didn't know where to start.  So we trashed all the preparation and set a few simple goals.  We're hoping to return in a couple of weeks to see how they are doing in reaching their goals.  The YW and YM don't have access to the Personal Progress materials or the Duty to God materials.  We left the things that we had and will try to get more information for them.  We are learning a lot and hope we can help them get the programs of the Church working in these small branches.

This is Alex and Carmina.  She was baptized about a year ago.  He is from France and has had a rough life.  He is very bright and read the Book of Mormon in about 2 weeks.  Not only did he read it, but her remembers a lot of what is in the book.  He speaks 4 languages and has spent his growing up years doing extreme sports and living in various countries because his father was an ambassador.  He said that he realized that his life was not going anywhere and really wanted to change and be "a good person".  He is scheduled for baptism this coming Saturday.

Here we are with Alex.  Not many pictures this week as Elder Dibb was really sick Wednesday and Thursday.  We ate lunch at a member's home on Tuesday.  He made the mistake of eating the ham and bacon.  It was really good - (made with chicken and was in rolls.)  But he can't eat pork.  He was very sick, so we spent those two days in the apartment.

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