Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trip to Chua district

On our way to Chua to do a training, we noticed that there was a lot of standing water in the "garden plots".  There has been a lot of rain lately.

Chua is a small town near Lake Titicaca.  This is an outhouse near the main plaza.

The town people were having a meeting in the central plaza when we arrived.  Officials were seated on chairs and all others were sitting on the walls.  Everything was muddy and wet.  It continued to rain most of the day.

Instead of giving our training in the chapel, we ended up at the military base (the district president is a military man) and they were having an activity with the youth from Achacachi and Titicaca districts.  We were ushered into the military assembly hall, where we set up (with no electricity for the power point for 20 minutes or so).  But we involved the youth in the games and the planning activities.  We had the leaders stay after and out of about 40 people, there were 7 leaders.  We are a little discouraged with the training because we can't get the leaders there.  But if this is what our Heavenly Father wants to happen, we will find a way with His help.

One Relief Society President was there with her 3 week old baby.  The baby is just being wrapped up in all the blankets and mother will put the baby on her back in a brightly colored, striped blanket.

You can see the town and the lake a little behind it.  It was really quite a pretty little community.

We had a lunch with the Flia. Troche.  She made this chicken in the pressure cooker first, then put it in the frying pan to brown.  Notice the rock on the chicken to help flatten it out.  It really tasted good.

This is the 18 year old Troche boy (Jhonathan- yes spelled Jh)  He makes sandwiches out of everything.  He has chicken, cabbage, salad (lettuce and tomatoes) and potatoes on his sandwich.  It gets pretty sloppy and it is fun to see him make it.  He is a classical guitar player.

Just when we were finishing eating, the thunder roared and we got hail for about 10 minutes.  These have melted some before I got my camera out.  But it would have really hurt to walk around in it.  Leaves from trees were all over the sidewalk when we left.

This is the beginning of the storm.  It really came down hard.

Another blurry picture.  The Troche family, minus the father who is outside cleaning out the ditch so the yard doesn't flood into the rooms.  This is one of those compounds where there are many different rooms that go right out into the yard.  This is the kitchen.  The father's family live in most of the other parts of the house.

Monday, January 23, 2012

I know this photo is blurry, but I had to get it fast. We went to the church for the baptism and found that the piano that we move into the baptism room was missing.  So the elders moved the big upright from the chapel area into the baptism room.  I missed them getting it down the step from the podium.  It is really heavy - but we had a piano for the baptism.

Jose Bravo just before his baptism.  A priest from our "barrio" who introduced him to the Church did the actual baptism.  This young man has a strong testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is reading the Book of Mormon every day.  He is 16 and is looking forward to a mission.

Jose with his mother and father, sister, and nieces and nephew.  Nice family.  The sister on the left is a less active member of the Church.  All others are non-members.

After the baptism.  We had a nice program and some special testimonies that were born.  What a wonderful way to have the Sabbath day end.

We had a ward Family Home Evening that started at 8:30 in the morning on Monday.  These are some of the youth that we taught spent time with the first thing in the morning.  They are discussing what they can do to make their families stronger.

Elder Dibb with the group of youth discussing "For the Strength of Youth" and the YM/YW programs of Duty to God and Personal Progress.

These are the youth playing a team building game called "Steal the Flag".  I missed getting a picture of the "cup pyramid" game.  They all seemed to have a good time and recognize the importance of working together to accomplish a goal - knowing that communication is important.

Elder Dibb in the back yard of the Stake President's home.  It is huge.  It is a 3 story home and just keeps going.  He is a contractor and has just kept building on.  They have a indoor swimming pool, (just behind the big plant where Elder Dibb is standing.), a racket ball court, a theater, pool table, big covered patio with fireplace, etc.  The whole ward played in the yard and downstairs, and separated into groups to be instructed and have activities.  We had lunch - chicken and "papa fritas" with a salad.  Fun day!!

Young adults trying to do "cross the lava field".  We didn't have time for them to really figure what they should do, so they never got across the yard, but had fun trying.

Lunch on the covered patio.  For the break (Andrew and Kevin), we had saltenias. GOOD!  We had a very nice day.  Ward members visited and we were taught about the importance of the family and what we can do to make our homes happier places.  Our goal is to take 4 temple trips this year to Cochabamba.  Hopefully, we will be able to get permission to go with them.  We miss the temple and the special Spirit that is there as we serve for those who have passed on.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cathedral and Cochabamba

Guards at the presidential palace in La Paz.  The president was here this day.  We went into the center of La Paz on our P-day and saw this along with the famous Cathedral San Francisco.  We went into the museum there and were able to see the "gold" in the cathedral.  (pictures were not permitted, but it was amazing)

This is how they repair the wires on the street.  The ladder on the left is  tipping and the worker at the bottom is trying to keep him upright.  The ladders are just leaning on the "many" wires and the workers are taping wires together.

A picture of the Cristus statue in Cochabamba.  We were grounded in Cochabamba and the airlines put us up in a hotel for the night.  We had a chance to walk around the city and visit the temple grounds.

A Cathedral through the arches that surround the Plaza in the old part of downtown Cochabamba.

The temple grounds in Cochabamba with many young people here to do baptisms for the dead. 

Elder Dibb in front of the temple in Cochabamba.

A church next to the hotel in Cochabamba. 

The youth in our ward.  The stake had an Olympics that lasted four days last week.  It included, soccer, basketball, volleyball and ping pong.  The young people had a great time.
We are back at the presidential palace.  These are Bolivians going in to talk to the president.

Another Cathedral and a plaza in front - in La Paz.

Elder Dibb on top of the San Francisco Cathedral.  You could go right over the roof to the bells.

From the bell tower, looking at the roof of the Cathedral.

One of the "narrow" passage ways that we went through to get to the roof.

The outside of the San Francisco Cathedral.  This is a place of many demonstrations.  It is a huge building with many courtyards along with the main chapel.  There are always people on the steps and in front of the building.  We had an enjoyable day exploring "old La Paz".

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trip to Achacachi and Andrea's Baptism

The Cordera family.  He is a less active member and his wife and daughter are not members.  We are visiting and teaching them.  We gave Hannah's Book of Mormon to Lucia, the 12 year old.

Stairs up the hill on the way to the El Alto and Saturday.

The chapel in Achicachi.  We went there to train the YM/YW leaders in the district.  We were disappointed that only a few showed up.  But that is what is happening in Bolivia.  That is why they need help.  We go back Feb. 4.  We'll keep trying to help them learn the programs of the Church and strengthen the young people.

Sheep on the grounds at the chapel enjoying their lunch.

Elder Dibb inside the chapel in Achacachi.

Hermana Dibb in the doorway into the chapel.  The architecture is all rounded doorways and windows.

Playing a team building game before the instruction.

Pictures of La Paz on the way back.  We stopped to take a few pictures.  The houses are built way up on the mountain sides.  The tall buildings in the center are mostly apartments in the middle of town.  They are up to 25 stories high.

Jose Bravo who we just started teaching.  He has been coming to Church for quite a while and wants to be baptized.  He didn't have a Book of Mormon, so we gave him the one we had with Gavin's testimony in it.  His baptism date is set for January 22.  He is 16 and is a really nice young man.  It is a blessing to be able to teach him.

Again, the greatest blessing of the week:  Andrea was baptized on Sunday.  With her in this picture is her mother and brother whose hearts were softened by the Spirit.  Andrea shared a beautiful testimony after her baptism.  What a great blessing for her and for us to share in this special day.

After the baptism.  She is a beautiful young lady with a strong testimony of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The end of the year 2011

We went to lunch at the Flores casa.  It is a one room place.  We are sitting on the bed.  Notice the "bricks" behind us.  Because of the rain, the earth is sliding and there are big cracks in the corner.  She told us they would have to take the place apart and build it again on more stable ground.  She had no table and one chair.  We sat on the bed to eat.  Chunyos were on the menu. (They are frozen, stomped on potatoes that Elder Dibb doesn't like.  But we ate them, mixed with eggs and peanuts, I didn't think they were too bad.)

This is a cousin that lives down the hill a little.  He got this robot car for Christmas and wanted to show us.  As you look at the pictures, notice the cupboard, door and floor.  The refrigerator is next to him.

This is his car before it becomes a robot.  Notice the boards to cover holes in the floor.  The young boy got new shoes for Christmas, too.

You can see her kitchen in the left corner.  The wall is right by the stove.

The car is in robot position and the stool and board were our table for drinks.

This is the little Flores girl with her cat.  They were doing the laundry as you can see in the background.

Mom and daughter looking back toward their home as we go up the hill to the city.

Some of the missionaries outside the chapel after transfers and our Mission Meeting on Wednesday.  Notice the suitcases and bags.  All are ready to be off with their new companions.  There are also a couple of young boys here.  Many of the members who were baptized by transferred missionaries come to greet them after the meeting. 

Elder Dibb and Hermana Cabrera at the market.  We went with her to get some fruit.  The basket she is holding we filled with eggs.

The market - where you can get anything and everything.

Notice the meat on the side of Elder Dibb.  He's giving it quite a look.

The necklace that the little Flores girl gave me when we left their home after lunch.  (Refer back to the first photos.  Also, the story behind it is in our letter this week.  Everyone have a wonderful and prosprous New Year.