Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trip to the Branch in Chua.

Not many pictures this time since we are entering all the baptism/confirmation information from January 1, through the end of May in the new registro program.  This is the chapel at Chua on the Altiplano.  There are a number of chapels just like this one in our mission, especially in the areas where there are more branches than wards.

The chapel at Chua sits in a field with no other buildings around.  This is a view from the chapel of a military base where we once gave a training session in the briefing room to a group or young adults and a few YM/YW leaders.

This is the hallway of the chapel, looking from the entrance to the double doors of the room used for sacrament meeting.  All of the these branch chapels are exactly the same.

This is the room for sacrament meeting, well, just about every meeting is held here, including some of our training sessions.

No one came to our training session, but this sister and her two grandsons, ages 10 and 12, came in to see what was going on since the door to the chapel was open. She spoke Aymara and very little Spanish. Her grandsons did the translation for us. We showed them our family pictures, they told us about their family, and we talked about the Church and the US. We had a good time with them. Ronald liked Elder Dibb's hat. They promised to visit us at our apartment the next time they came to La Paz. By the way, the two boys said they want to serve missions. We hope there is a way they can.

Sister Dibb wanted to include this picture of her gift of flowers from an unknown admirer from La Paz.  They have some very beautiful and different flowers here and they are very inexpensive.

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