Saturday, December 1, 2012

We had dinner at the Mission Home with Pres. and Sister Dyer.  They invited this gentleman who just turned 100 years old.  He has been an avid scouter and knew Baydan Powell - the founder of the Boy Scouts.  He's really alert and shared some of his experiences.  His daughter (in the pink) speaks very good English.

This is our apartment.  It's fixed up better now with a few plants, pictures on the wall etc.  The place is quite nice, but very uncomfortable chairs and couch.

The kitchen is really quite nice with much more storage space than in the one in La Paz.

They gave us two twin beds that we put together to make one King Size.  It's pretty comfortable.

We walked up around the temple on P-day this week and saw some beautiful flowers and other landscaping.

There are several trees with these sharp spikes on the trunks.

A picture of the back of the temple with all the flowers and scrubs.  It's really beautiful.

Here's one of those trees again.

This is the Mission Home for the Cochabamba Mission.  It is right across from the temple and is beautiful.  We enjoyed a Sunday dinner and Thanksgiving Dinner here with the Dyers.

This is the hospedaje that we live in.  There are several apartments like ours for the temple missionaries, then the other side is for people to stay in when they travel far to attend the temple.

Our Thanksgiving Dinner at the Mission Home/Office.

After dinner we saw a couple of videos, then played a game about what we were thankful for.  Sister Norman made some cards and put things like "water, musical instrument, Gospel, books, language, etc."  It was really interesting to hear the thoughts of the missionaries on these topics.   Some shared special experiences that had to do with their topic.  It was a special Thanksgiving.  We all missed our families, but felt a wonderful spirit being together.

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