Thursday, December 13, 2012

All the missionaries had a FHE and watched "The Life of Christ".  Afterward, we had a "sundae bar".  Fun times with the temple missionaries.

We had to fly back to La Paz to renew our visas on Wednesday.  We got up at 3:45 and flew out at 6:00 am.  Of course, Bolivian ways are crazy and we had to go to several different buildings and wait to sign papers - back and forth - to the bank to pay the money and back to immigration.  Anyway, this is one of the traffic jams we were in.  We are trying to turn left.  Finally, our taxi driver turned and went down the wrong side of the street.

A picture of part of the lights at the temple.  They look so beautiful with the temple in the background.  Down below there are lights on the trees.  In the evening there are tons of birds singing in these trees.

Sitting on the front of the manger scene at the temple.

This is one of the missionaries, Elder Cuellar, from Cochabamba who was in the La Paz Mission.  He returned home a couple of months ago.  He came to visit us and brought his girlfriend.  We took them to lunch and had a nice visit.

They do have some of those "instant parades" in Cochabamba.  I love their costumes.

We had a wonderful devotional at the temple on Sunday, Dec. 9.  There were 13 choirs that participated - from Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, and La Paz.  They were wonderful.  There were about 4,100 people that attended.  The missionaries had tents set up and got a lot of references.  The whole parking lot was filled with chairs and people.  It started at 4:30 and ended about 7:00.  It was a special experience.

One of the choirs had the primary children dressed to represent the manger scene.

This is the choir.  Adults in the colors and the children in white.  Two of the little girls sang solo parts.  It was a big hit.

This choir was from La Paz.  We know several of the people in the choir.  The choir director was an institute teacher in La Paz and plays the piano and had a wonderful choir last year.  He and his family are awesome.  They are in the ward that we are assigned to in Cochabamba.  What a beautiful night.

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