Monday, November 19, 2012

We are at the mission home with President Quintanilla and family for lunch the Monday before we left for Cochabamba.  Joshua, age 5 is intrigued with Elder Dibb.  Of course, Elder Dibb has played soccer and basketball with him.  Today, they are playing a game with "tops" that spin in an arena.

The Quintanilla family.  They are amazing and we love them very much.  We are grateful for the guidance and love they shared with us while we were in the La Paz, Bolivia mission.

I love Hermana Quintanilla.  She is a wonderful "mission mother" and a good friend.

We went to Quillacoyo Sunday night.  It's about 15 or 20 minutes from Cochabamba.  Elder Dibb shared some experiences he had as a missionary in Bolivia when the work was just beginning in 1965-67.  Elder Winkfield and President Dyer (Pres. of the Cochabamba Mission) were missionaries in the Argentina Mission and were sent up to a couple of the towns in southern Bolivia.  They also talked about the history of the Church here.  President Crayk and his wife (President of the Temple) also spoke.  This is the Bishop of the ward with his family and the missionaries that attended the fireside.

These are some of the members of the ward that were at the fireside.  Many families had pictures taken with the missionaries and the Presidents.  Many had left when we got together for this photo.

Monday we had a barbeque at Elder Cabrera's home on the hill above the temple.  He is an area seventy.  This is a photo of the city with the temple at the right.  The hill at the left has a large Christus statue that we see out of our window in the apartment.

A picture of some of the missionaries.  From the left are the Cardons (Tamera lived in Alpine up in the 2nd ward when our kids were growing up) and next is Pres. and Sister Dyer.

The couple on the left is the temple president.  These couples are so fun to be with.  We laugh a lot and are able to talk in "English" most of the time.

A flower on the temple grounds.

A view of the temple grounds.  It's beautiful here.  The flowers, shrubbery, and trees are beautiful - not to mention the grass.  It is really a beautiful place - and no high rise buildings around us.

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What a beautiful place!