Tuesday, December 25, 2012

We went to a down-syndrome school with Pres. Crayk and his wife.  They were having a Christmas program and invited us because we had given them paper, colored pencils, coloring books, etc.  It was a special experience to see how clean and organized this school is.  The parents of the children run the school, so they all have an interest in giving these children every opportunity to develop and live in society.  This little boy grabbed Elder Dibb's hand and took him all around the school, even upstairs to show him every part of the building.

Some more of the parents and children.  Many are teenagers, but they have some very young ones, too.

Dancing during the program.

A little guy with Pres. Crayk, president of the temple here in Cochabamba.

Sunday night some of the temple missionaries went caroling.  It helped us feel the spirit of Christmas.

The group in front of the temple.

We found this huge "bug" on our way home.

Singing by the nativity on the temple grounds.

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