Tuesday, December 25, 2012

La Cancha

We went to "La Cancha" to shop one day.  It is in the south part of the city and is a huge "market".  There are shop after shop of shoes in one part.

In another part of the market are hats, etc.  It's kind of like a WalMart, but spread over a huge area.  So you need to know where to find the different things you want.  Each isle in WalMart would be a long row of many different shops in La Cancha.  We did get some shoes and a "wide brimmed hat" for Elder Dibb.

We stopped at a church on the way home and the paintings on the ceiling were amazing. 

The condor is the "bird of Bolivia".  We saw some real ones at the zoo in La Paz, but this is the first statue in a park that we have seen.

We watched some workmen building this "city of Bethlehem and the stable" out of bricks in one of the round-a-bouts.  Pretty amazing.

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