Friday, September 21, 2012

This is Sister Cardon, serving at the Cochabamba Temple with her husband.  She lived in Alpine a number of years ago.  She is posing by a statue of one of the early Friars in the monastery.  An interesting kind of instrument he is playing.

There was even a foosball game to play at the monastery.  The fellow in the white hat is the temple president, President Crayk.

One of the missionary couples at the temple walking up one of the narrow streets of the small Bolivian town where the monastery is located.  They are walking towards the main plaza.

Here we are at the plaza, a very picturesque plaza with this beautiful cathedral.  The priest was giving mass when we entered so pictures were not appropriate as he was administering the sacrament.

Doesn't matter how old you are, if there is a slide, it has to be tested.  The slide is at the lake side restaurant where we ate lunch.  This "young" North American is the wife of the first counselor in the temple presidency.

You don't often see the picture of a public rest room, but this one was so unusual Sister Dibb wanted to include it on the blog.  This was at the restaurant and as you can see, the whole interior is of rock.  You can guess what those little individual rooms are.  The best thing of all is that everything about the restroom was clean and inviting, an unusual combo for this part of the world.

This is the lake side restaurant, a very pleasant place to spend a couple of hours waiting for the meal to be prepared.  We were convinced that the trout had to be caught before the meal was prepared.

We stayed in a vacant couples apartment at the hosped for the temple.  As you can tell by these last two pictures, the accommodations for the senior couples are really very nice at the Cochabamba temple.  A couple of real important features here are that there is plenty of hot water and you can drink the water from the tap.  This would be a great place to spend a temple mission.  Elder and Sister Cardon do not speak Spanish, so speaking the language is not a requirement to serve here.

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