Monday, September 10, 2012

Feria de Multicultura in Colegio

We were invited to a Feria de Multicultura at the school of a part member family.  While there, this lady came up to us and said she was a member of the Church, but that she hadn't been for a long time.  We invited her to return.  She is the only one in her family that is a member of the Church.  She seemed happy to talk to us.

This is the familia Cordero.  Lucia is 12 and is not a member of the Church.  Her mother is not a member either, but Hermano Cordero has been a member - mostly less active for many years.  Lucia and her team told about the animals of Bolivia.  She and one of her team members gave some of the information in English.  They did a great job.

Following are some pictures of other cultural presentations by the students.

All of these things are made from recycled bottles and other materials.

Lucia with her other team members again.

Lucia being judged on her presentation.  This reminded me of our science fair when all the students had science projects and had to be judged.  This was really well done and we enjoyed our time there.  It was interesting that the principal invited us in when we first got there.  As we walked around and listened to the presentations, she offered us a taste of "wine" from Tarija (the wine producing area of Bolivia.)  We just politely declined.  Interesting - at a school function.  The chance to support these special people is a wonderful blessing on our mission.

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