Monday, October 1, 2012

Today is P-day and we decided that we would go around the city and take some pictures of things that we see and do every day.  This is our "florist".  She has a stand on the street and we get flowers here nearly every week.  They are beautiful and she arranges them into nice boquets.

When we first arrived in Bolivia, we went to the bank to get money, but found that we were sitting and waiting for a long time - until our number came up.  So we have opted to use the teller machine.  They are all over the city and are much easier and faster to use.

This is our "ice-cream lady" in the park.  We only buy "Rockies" from her and she knows when she sees us that we need a Rockie.  She has a really nice smile.

This is our "fruit lady" on the street near the market.  It's funny how you get to use one person and always go back there for the things you need.

This is the "fruit lady's" little girl.  She is a year and a half and is really tiny, but so cute.

This is our vegetable lady in the building where the market is.  It is about 2 blocks from our apartment and she always seems to have some pretty good vegetables.

We found this "meat market" on the same street.  The beef is much more tender when you buy it here rather than in the supermarket.  Notice the sides of beef in the background.

This is the panaderia where we can get some pretty good bread.  They also have lots of pastries, as you can see.

This is one of the signs they put up on the "one-way streets" when they changed the direction of traffic.  We woke up one morning, looked out our window, and the cars were all going the wrong way.  We still aren't used to "which way to look" when crossing the street.

We had a delicious lunch at the Hotel Camino Rial.  Because Elder Dibb had steak on a hot platter and it sometimes splatters, he had a bib that the waiter put on him to protect his clothes.  We had a nice, relaxing day around the city and walked along a new road, through trees and even up past the President's (of Bolivia) residence.  The guards out front asked us to cross the street so we wouldn't walk in front of his house.  We were happy to oblige and continued our relaxing walk.

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Ann Mitchell said...

That was fun to see your everyday adventures!