Friday, September 21, 2012

We got permission from the area authority to go to the Cochabamba Temple - after much discussion.  We left La Paz after a"Mini MTC"  meeting.  Pres. Crayk, the temple President spoke, as did Pres. Quintanilla and Elder Balderrama, a Seventy.  It was a very good meeting.  The missionaries in the La Paz area sang "The Armies of Helaman" and recited our purpose as missionaries.  It was really touching.  Sister Dibb had a chance to play the piano for them and for the rest of the music.  Elder Balderrama changed the closing song to "Called to Serve".  It was a very inspiring meeting.  We just had to rush to get to the airport in time for our flight.

Monday, our P-day, we went with the couples from the temple to visit a little town that had a monastery It was very interesting and had some beautiful grounds.

This is the wine press and there were many big jars in this dark, cool, room

It was interesting to see the robe and keys that were hung in the "break room".

This is the "break room" 17th century style with "OLD" chairs and table.  One of the missionaries called it the "high council room."

Some of the missionaries in front of the wishing well.  It went down pretty deep and there was actually water in the bottom.

We are sitting in the garden area.  The birds behind us are fake, but the flowers, trees and shrubbery were very nice.

This "bird of paradise" is one of the most beautiful flowers in the gardens.

We like this picture of the garden area.  There are more photos to come, but downloading 18 pictures at a time doesn't seem to work.

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