Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 4, 2012

We went to a Zone meeting to teach English to the missionaries.  We arrived much earlier than expected and stopped at this shoemaker's "booth" to see if he had velcro to fix my shoes.  It was interesting to see him working on the shoes and sewing them with his "old fashioned" machine.  He searched through all his bags, but only found white velcro.  That would not have looked good on black shoes.

We are standing on the step outside of the chapel in San Pedro.  The building is "sandwiched" in between other buildings, but the view of the city is amazing.  You have to go upstairs one more level for the chapel.

We were walking around in our apartment one morning last week, when we noticed two guys "washing our windows".  We are on the 7th floor and there are 19 floors in the building.  They have some cables they drop down the side of the building and then use a brush to put water on and a squeegy (sp) to clean it off.

Looking down from our apartment.

Looking up from our apartment.  Note that we have 5 X 5 windows, one 3 X 3 and some floor to ceiling windows in our bedroom and in the living room.  It took two days for them to get our windows done - coming down, then starting at the top again - over and over.

Another of the dogs "dressed" for the day.

We had an appointment Saturday and saw this fellow sleeping on the "soft" concrete.  Sometimes we see others sleeping on the benches in the park or just on the sidewalk.

Sunday, we were planning to go to Suriquina, but found that it was "El dia de pieton".  (The day of walking.)  No cars, buses, or minis were allowed on the street - just people.  We postponed our trip until next week. It was so nice to not have the traffic and all the noise (honking, etc) that goes with it.

We were quite surprised when this "traffic zebra" greeted us at the crossing on our way to the office.  Several of the one-way streets changed directions this week and there were police and of course, the zebras to make sure people weren't going the wrong way.  This zebra happens to be a member of the Church, that's why she was so excited to greet us.

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