Monday, March 5, 2012

End of February 2012

This picture was taken from our apartment window.  Most of the people who live in La Paz use LP gas for cooking.  These trucks go around the city with gas containers.  The drivers honk the horn to alert everyone the gas man is coming.  At times, they begin honking at about six in the morning.  Nice wake up call.  Fortunately our building has natural gas, a real luxury.

This is a very large, very nice new park about a mile and a half from our apartment.  There are a number of soccer fields and areas for outdoor markets.  When Elder Dibb served his first mission here, none of those homes were on the hillside.

Another view of the park showing more homes in the distance in a canyon and on the hillsides that are newly developed areas.  When Elder Dibb was here before, there was a smaller park on the top of the hill where that large building with the red, blue, and yellow panels now sits.  The park frequently had huge, wild condors picking through the garbage.  The children in the area would play with the condors by chasing and harassing them with sticks.

This is a doll with native dress in the home of one of our investigators.  This investigator has s lot of interest in the native cultures and has performed many of the native dances in competitions throughout many cities in Bolivia.

We  caught a picture of a group of protesters forming to do a march close to where we live.  They are one of the may groups from the Altiplano who frequently tie up traffic in various parts of the city protesting one of dozens of issues ignored by the government.  Some can get to be violent.  This one was pretty peaceful.  We try to avoid all of them.

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