Monday, March 19, 2012

FHE and the market

We invited a less active family over to our apartment for FHE on Monday night.  They live in a small 2 room shelter on the side of the hill going down to the river.  So we had them come to our house so we had room to sit and have a lesson, then play the "cup game".  We had some of Elder Dibb's chocolate chip cookies with ice cream.  It was a fun night.

Here we are after we got the pyramid built.  It took us quite a while, but we all learned to work together to reach the goal.

We usually shop at the supermarket, but found this market with fruits and vegetables that look better than the ones in the store.  It is just a few blocks away compared to the big market where we have to take a taxi and it is spread over a large area.

The ladies sit up in the fruit and then crawl out from underneath when they need to be "free".

This is how they show the fish.  It is lake trout from Lake Titicaca.

We bought a cantaloupe.

They were just closing up when we got there on Saturday, but here is how we see the meat.  We don't buy it here.

You can see the butcher behind the counter cutting a big piece of meat.  We've seen some guys unloading a meat truck.  They just throw a side of beef over their shoulder and carry it into the store.

There are some really nice houses in La Paz.  Most are in disrepair, but this one looks really nice.

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