Monday, March 12, 2012

Continuation of Valle da la Luna

At Valle de la Luna we met an hombre who was playing and selling flutes.  We found out that he is a member of the Church.  Of course, we bought a flute from him.

This is the golf course that Elder Dibb played when he was here on his mission.  It is across from the Valle de la Luna.  It is the highest golf course in the world.  Elder Dibb says we need to play it.  The guide told us that they give you a certificate when you finish that says you played the golf course in the tops of the mountains. 

There were lots of cactus .  This one is starting to bloom.

Pictures of the formations.

This is the kind of trail we walked on across the tops of the formations.

Valle de la Luna with the red hills behind.  It is really pretty.

Another bridge among the formations.  We didn't go across it.  It is probably just for "looks".

Elder Dibb in front of some formations.  We had a good time seeing some of the sights around La Paz.

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