Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hermana Auza and Music museum

This is Hermana Auza and her grandchildren.  She was 10 years old when Elder Dibb was here on his first mission.  We spent about an hour visiting with her in her little room in their casa.

Hermana Virginia Auza is blind.  She is holding one of twenty volumes of the Book of Mormon in Braille.  She is bearing testimony of the love she has for the Book of Mormon and how she prayed so hard to be blessed with this scripture in Braille (Spanish).  She told us of some miracles in her life because of her faith and how she is blessed with hope and peace because of her temple covenants.  We loved our visit with her and know that we need to return often to feel her special spirit.
We went into town on P-day to the Music Museum.  We went there when we picked up Andrew from his mission.  It is a very interesting place.  Following are some pictures we took.

A picture by some stuffed sloths.
Instruments were made from armadillo and many strange shapes and sizes.

My first time with an accordian.

In the middle of the quinta (center of the museum) was potatoes boiling using solar energy.

An ancient figure playing a flute.

An armadillo and a miniature violin.

The inside of a miniature church.

I took the previous picture from the doorway of this church.

Elder Dibb in front of an old wagon in the center of the quinta.

Many different kinds of flutes.  There are a few older men around the city that play these, hoping to receive money for their music.  The problem is that they just play notes - no melody or rhythm.

Some large instruments that Bolivians used to play. 

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