Monday, February 13, 2012

Barrio part for Camperos y Elders leaving the office

Elder Dibb at the first piano the church bought in Bolivia in 1965.  Hermana Dibb plays it every week for Sacrament Meeting and for baptisms and missionary meetings.  It is the only piano we have on the first floor of the Church building.

This family is in our ward, but we really just wanted the picture of the baby with all that hair.

The Campero family.  He has been an Institute Teacher, but his wife is having some problems with the altitude and her health.  They are moving to Cochabamba.  The barrio had a party for them before they left.

Me with Hermana Adriana.  She is a doctor and very intelligent.  She is writing a history of the native Bolivians, especially the Alti Plano.  One of her ancestors that started the education system on the Alti Plano.  We have been working with her as a less active sister.  She is now the chorister in the Primary and is preparing to go to the temple.

At the party - the "pot luck" dishes.  The problem we have is that they didn't start the dinner until 9:00 and we were supposed to be back in our apartment at that time, so one of the sisters got us some food and we took off.

Elder Dibb with Elder Uriola from Chili.  He has been the finance secretary in the office.  His twin brother is serving a mission in Northern Chili.  He is brilliant and speaks English really well.  He is now assigned to Llallagua and will be learning Aymara.

This is Elder Peralta who was the recorder in the mission.  He is from Santa Cruz and is trying to teach us the "ins and outs" of the system they are using in the office to track baptisms and confirmations.  He has been assigned a "greenie" companion and so they came to our house to see if we could get the Church record sight to come up.  We decided that it is not compatible with the Apple Computer.

Here we are in our apartment with Elder Peralta and our "amazing" blanket with our grandchildren's pictures.

These are BYU students here on an internship with the Church Employment.  They are crazy as you can see.  We took pictures, but they decided that they wanted to take a goofy one by themselves and this is how it turned out.  They have tons of energy, play the guitar and sing - and they are returned missionaries from Columbia and Mexico.  They bring some life to the barrio.  They came to our apartment for Elder Dibb's famous galletos. (cookies)  They ate a tone.  Everyone says that missionaries are like vacuum cleaners when it comes to food.

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