Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trip to Chua district

On our way to Chua to do a training, we noticed that there was a lot of standing water in the "garden plots".  There has been a lot of rain lately.

Chua is a small town near Lake Titicaca.  This is an outhouse near the main plaza.

The town people were having a meeting in the central plaza when we arrived.  Officials were seated on chairs and all others were sitting on the walls.  Everything was muddy and wet.  It continued to rain most of the day.

Instead of giving our training in the chapel, we ended up at the military base (the district president is a military man) and they were having an activity with the youth from Achacachi and Titicaca districts.  We were ushered into the military assembly hall, where we set up (with no electricity for the power point for 20 minutes or so).  But we involved the youth in the games and the planning activities.  We had the leaders stay after and out of about 40 people, there were 7 leaders.  We are a little discouraged with the training because we can't get the leaders there.  But if this is what our Heavenly Father wants to happen, we will find a way with His help.

One Relief Society President was there with her 3 week old baby.  The baby is just being wrapped up in all the blankets and mother will put the baby on her back in a brightly colored, striped blanket.

You can see the town and the lake a little behind it.  It was really quite a pretty little community.

We had a lunch with the Flia. Troche.  She made this chicken in the pressure cooker first, then put it in the frying pan to brown.  Notice the rock on the chicken to help flatten it out.  It really tasted good.

This is the 18 year old Troche boy (Jhonathan- yes spelled Jh)  He makes sandwiches out of everything.  He has chicken, cabbage, salad (lettuce and tomatoes) and potatoes on his sandwich.  It gets pretty sloppy and it is fun to see him make it.  He is a classical guitar player.

Just when we were finishing eating, the thunder roared and we got hail for about 10 minutes.  These have melted some before I got my camera out.  But it would have really hurt to walk around in it.  Leaves from trees were all over the sidewalk when we left.

This is the beginning of the storm.  It really came down hard.

Another blurry picture.  The Troche family, minus the father who is outside cleaning out the ditch so the yard doesn't flood into the rooms.  This is one of those compounds where there are many different rooms that go right out into the yard.  This is the kitchen.  The father's family live in most of the other parts of the house.

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Ann Mitchell said...

COOL! I keep seeing the "cups" game...glad it came in handy!