Monday, February 27, 2012

Trip to Llallagua and Patacamaya

This is the family Bazan.  Hermano Bazan was baptized on Saturday and confirmed a member of the Church on Sunday.  His wife, daughter and granddaughter are all members of the Church.  When he said he would be baptized, his granddaughter was sitting next to her mother and she gasped and jumped up and down.  She was so excited.

Here we are with Hermano Bazan.  He has a lot of questions that are hard to explain in Spanish, but Elder Dibb does a good job using the scriptures and bearing his testimony.

We are in Oruro.  This is looking out of our hotel window.  It was quite nice, but the light in the bathroom was very dim and not over the sink.  It took at least 10 minutes to get warm water for a shower.  The water heater must have been on the main floor.  It is also interesting that in each hotel we stay in, they only give you one bath towel.  We did ask for another one.  Maybe it is because they wash everything by hand.  When we went to breakfast, there were sheets and towels hanging on lines outside the restaurant.

The church next to our hotel.  It has some speakers that play the music and sermon loudly at certain times of the day.

The plaza in front of the hotel.  It was very pretty, but the lights were very bright and we didn't sleep because it was like daytime.

Two miners walking home.  As we went to Llallagua, we saw many mines and miners.  When we came out of the church in Llallagua, there was a young man with boots, a miners hat, and a pick over his shoulder walking up the street.

One of the mines on the way to Llallagua.  They mine tungston, silver, lead and zinc.

These are pictures on the way to Llallagua.  Notice the thatched roof on the buildings.  Their farms look really nice, with rock walls around the different areas.  It's really green now, but the President said it would be very dry in a few months.

These are the terraces for the farms going up the hills.

As we came into Llallagua, we saw a group of young men playing soccer on the muddy soccer field.  They did have another one with grass, but this is where the young people played.

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