Sunday, October 16, 2011

First day in La Paz

We are in La Paz, Bolivia.  After a long flight we arrived at about 5:20 this morning.  A taxi met us at the airport and brought us to Ritz Apart Hotel.  We have stayed in all day because of the political election.  Here are some pictures of our room and the views from our 9th floor windows.
A king size bed - we'd better enjoy now.

The living room in the suite.

Elder Dibb standing by the bar with kitchen behind.

Tall buildings outside our window.

Buildings and nice house on the other side.

Looking down the atrium in the middle of the hotel, 9 floors up.

The policia just below us.

You can see the houses on the hillsides behind the buildings.


Brian said...

Enjoy the nice hotel room while you can. Can't wait to see pictures of your first apartment.

Ann Mitchell said...

That's a great place!
Here's my new email address:

(Bill merged old and new emails...all while wearing his khaki shorts!_

David said...

Estoy feliz para ustedes! Espero que tengan suerte y disfrutan su tiempo en la mision...
Best wishes!