Saturday, October 15, 2011


In front of the building we were tutored in .
One of our special returned missionary teachers, Brother Sillito.

Our District. We are going to Tennessee, New Zealand, Guatemala and of course Bolivia.

In front of the MTC where you see many nation's flags.

Dale with Timpanogos behind and a sign on the road that says MTC.

In one of the language study rooms.

Talking on the phone to Hermana Pete, our tutor.

Hermonita Larena Pete from Equador helped us learn the Spanish.  Awesome young lady.

The covered hallways with tons of young men and women preparing to serve missions.
We've loved our stay at the MTC.  We attended a devotional Tuesday night with Sister Julie Beck.  I sang in the missionary choir - "Where Can I Turn for Peace".  It was a very spiritual experience.  We've had the opportunity to practice teaching and getting to know volunteer investigators.  It was a little scary, but fun.  Our investigator on Thurs. was Doug Perry (Janice Kapp Perry's husband).  He invited us to their house and gave us a DVD of his 9 year work translating different Church books into Spanish.  We met and visited with Sister Perry who mentioned that she knew a Dibb in Atlanta. (That is Dale's brother, David and wife.)  She said Vivian was so kind to them and she appreciated their friendship.  We taught more lessons, studied Spanish and loved the food.  The Spirit is so strong at the MTC.  We know now more than ever that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that we are so blessed to be able to share that with those in Bolivia.

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