Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011

A birthday party for Hermana Cuellar.  Streamers are hanging from the ceiling and there is a "firework" going off on the cake.  They had jello, cake, cookies, chocolates and carbonated drink. 

Elder Dibb's incision from the surgery just before leaving for Bolivia.  The stitches come out tomorrow.  Sistr Dibb gets to take them out - OUCH!

Here we are with Bishop Moya's family.  He is taking the picture. 

Bishop and Hermana Moya after lunch at their home.

This is what the hill looks like from the mission home up to the center of La Paz.

The bedroom in the mission home where we are staying until they can find us an apartment.  He is sick today.  We think it may be something he ate - possible lasagna, which we had yesterday again.  But they put ham in the lasagna along with the ground meat and he doesn't do well with pork.

A picture looking down from the entry way to the living room.

Two of the mission president's kids - Joshua and Kenneth.

Jaqueline who helps with the meals, cleaning, and other household responsibilities.  She is really nice and made some chicken soup from scratch for Dale today while he is sick. 

Not a good picture of Bonnie.  She is 7 and loves to play the piano.  She plays by ear and if I play something once, she can play it after me.  She is learning some English in school.

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Greg said...

Hey Dale & Linda--

I enjoyed your update in the Dibb Digest- it sounds like you are doing great! Who knew Bolivian Lasagna could be such a delicacy! :)

We're proud of you and will pray for you!

-your favorite nephew Greg