Monday, October 24, 2011

In La Paz - first week

Following are pictures of the building where the Chapel, CES and Seminary offices are located, along with the mission office.  We actually meet in a room above the chapel because there aren't too many members in our ward that are active.

These are two of the missionaries that we teach with, Elder Cuellar on the left and Elder Gonzales on the right.  Elder Gonzales is so funny and animated.  He is trying to learn English and says some really funny things.  You know that there are sounds in English that are not used in Spanish.  It is hard to get the right sounds.  They are terrific missionaries.

Here we are in the office.

We walked to a bridge just about 2 blocks away from our hotel.  There is a huge outcropping of rock just behind Elder Dibb and a large building to the left.  We didn't know whether we should trust the bridge or not.  It seemed to be coming off the side of the hill where it connected with the road.  They had some tire treads across the opening in places to cover the holes.

Looking down in the canyon under the bridge.

There are some nice parks.  This is the plaza in front of the hotel.

The Hotel Ritz where we are staying.  Hopefully we will get an apartment soon.  They are hard to find in the downtown area of La Paz.

Notice the wires.  They just have a ton of wires all strung together and wrapped on poles all through the streets.

Us with President Quintailla, our mission president taken in the mission office.

We found the U.S. Embassy today.  Loved seeing the flag.  Notice the fence and the spikes on top.  There are guards at every embassy and lots of police on the streets - even some to direct traffic.  They blow there whistles when the lights turn red and stop the traffic.  Sometimes, if no cars are coming the other way, a car will just honk and go through the red light.  Pedestrians do not have the right of way.  So we have to be alert to get across some streets.

Dad in his new hat - bought in the black market, where we cannot go.  But that is where the Bishop took us because we couldn't find one anywhere else.  


Brian said...

Look at you guys already breaking the mission rules....nice hat though. The embassy looks like a prison with the small windows and spikes.

edkolee said...

Aren't mission rules just guidelines for senior couple missionaries? Seniors are supposed to have their privileges.