Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sopocachi Stake Dance Festival

Our stake had a dance festival on Monday, August 6.  It was a holiday in the country (Independence Day)  But because the President doesn't really think that it is Independence Day, there were no country celebrations.  So the stake had a celebration.

They had dances from different parts of the world.

This is from the U.S.  These two young people are President Quintanilla's children from Obrajes.

This is a Russion dance.

These are from India.  The girl in the yellow costume really had some talent.

This dance is from Mexico.  These are the youth from our ward.  The young man in the center is a young man that we had the opportunity to teach and he was baptized.

This young lady also was a "dancer". 

These are some of the stake leaders that did a Bolivian dance.  When we went to a museum, we saw hats like these that were used in dances.

More fun costumes.

This dance was from Potosi and was very colorful.  They also had an angel and a devil depicted.

This is our ward again doing a second dance from Bolivia.  We really enjoyed this event and know that the youth in our stake are really lucky to have such activities going on a lot to help keep them faithful and active in the Church.

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