Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Last week of July

Sorry for being late this week.  The blog wouldn't download any pictures until this morning.  This is Hermana Chambilla and Hermana Gomez.  Hermana Chambilla went home this last week and wanted some help with the English program.  So they came to our apartment a few times for help.  She made the scarf around my neck and gave it to me for my birthday.  It was a sweet thought.  It is warm and very soft.

We finally got our package out of the aduana.  Notice all the papers around the mutilated box.  It came into Bolivia on July 11 and we finally got it on the 27th.  The customs always seems to come up with something new to hold things up.  But we sure enjoyed the contents - letters and cards from our grandchildren and children - plus some goodies, cosmetics, soap, lotion, bracelet and book on tape.  Thank you to all our family for their thoughtfulness.  It was a great day!

Across from our church is a Catholic Church.  Each Sunday a group of native Bolivians gather at the door asking for money.  We noticed that the little boy standing up with the light pants is our little ukelele player that we posted last week.

We had a zone activity and was asked to do the cup game again.  We had 3 different groups and were surprised at the difficulty some had working together.  In one group in particular, there were too many leaders and nobody ever made a final decision.  They broke the elastic before getting the pyramid built.

Some of the missionaries doing a game with the Book of Mormon.  We are in the Stake President's home.  This is downstairs by the raquetball court.

This is the first time we have ever saw anyone try to use the strings to move the cups.  It didn't work too well, but they were creative.

Here are some of the missionaries playing volleyball after lunch in the raquetball court.

A banana tree in the front yard of the Stake President.

As we came home through the park, there was a high school band with the rest of the student body practicing.  These are the typical flutes in Bolivia.  They also had drums and bells, flag twirlers and baton twirlers.

After being home for about 20 minutes, we heard the drums coming up the street.  There they were marching down the middle of the street with cars crawling along behind them.

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