Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kelly's baptism and R.S. dance festival

Patricia and her daughter in our apartment making Elder Dibb's famous cookies.  The recipe has had to be tweeked several times to get them close to what we make in the U.S.  The altitude is so high that it is difficult to make things like we do at home.

Kelly's baptism.  She is in the center.  Her boyfriend performed the baptism.  There was also a couple that were being baptized at the same time by Elder Andrade (on the right). 

This is Kelly with her boyfriend and her family that came to support her in her decision to be baptized.  Just to Kelly's left is Arturo, a young man that we baptized a couple of months ago.  On the far left is Maria, who is taking the discussions and has a baptism date of August 25.  The little boy in front of Kelly is her nephew and is 7 years old.  We're not sure what the problem is, but he is really small for his age.

A close-up of Kelly, Arturo, Gonzalo (her boyfriend) and her mother on the right.

Here we are with this special young lady.  We surely learn to love these children of our Heavenly Father quickly.  They are choice spirits.

An addition to our "dance festival" from last week.  It was the youth last week.  On Saturday, it was the Relief Society Dance Festival.  We finished the baptismal service for Kelly just in time to go down and see our ward perform.

Sister Flores, a son, Kevin, Jose (one whom we baptized) and their cousin.  The costumes were amazing.

This is the group of sisters and the 3 young men that performed the native Bolivian Dance.

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