Monday, August 6, 2012

National Holiday 6 de Agosto

We went to lunch at the Troche's home.  Their son, Jhonathan, (spelled correctly in Spanish) makes sandwiches out of every dish that is fixed.  He has picante, mayonaise, chicken and mashed potatoes on this sandwich.

Looks like he's enjoying it a lot.

This is the Troche family.  They also have a son in the United States and a son on a mission in Venezuela.  They are a great family.

Today is Bolivia's independence day.  We walked up town to see if any celebration was going on and found these dancers at the big cathedral getting ready for a parade.

There was also a wedding celebration going on.

We found that the parade was part of the wedding celebration.  A couple of young men led the procession with fireworks.

There were older women, but also a few little girls dancing to the band music and parading. Notice the women in the background.  There were a lot of them in different colors dancing.

A couple of the men who were dressed for the occasion.

Another little girl and her brother.

Love this picture with the "mini" trumpet.  The band sounded pretty good.

These costumes were the most interesting.  The men put some padding over their shoulders before putting the top part of their costume on.

They each had a mask and hat with plumes.  Some wore them, others just carried them.

The men also had special shoes that went with their costumes.  It was a fun experience seeing them and their celebration.

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