Monday, January 2, 2012

The end of the year 2011

We went to lunch at the Flores casa.  It is a one room place.  We are sitting on the bed.  Notice the "bricks" behind us.  Because of the rain, the earth is sliding and there are big cracks in the corner.  She told us they would have to take the place apart and build it again on more stable ground.  She had no table and one chair.  We sat on the bed to eat.  Chunyos were on the menu. (They are frozen, stomped on potatoes that Elder Dibb doesn't like.  But we ate them, mixed with eggs and peanuts, I didn't think they were too bad.)

This is a cousin that lives down the hill a little.  He got this robot car for Christmas and wanted to show us.  As you look at the pictures, notice the cupboard, door and floor.  The refrigerator is next to him.

This is his car before it becomes a robot.  Notice the boards to cover holes in the floor.  The young boy got new shoes for Christmas, too.

You can see her kitchen in the left corner.  The wall is right by the stove.

The car is in robot position and the stool and board were our table for drinks.

This is the little Flores girl with her cat.  They were doing the laundry as you can see in the background.

Mom and daughter looking back toward their home as we go up the hill to the city.

Some of the missionaries outside the chapel after transfers and our Mission Meeting on Wednesday.  Notice the suitcases and bags.  All are ready to be off with their new companions.  There are also a couple of young boys here.  Many of the members who were baptized by transferred missionaries come to greet them after the meeting. 

Elder Dibb and Hermana Cabrera at the market.  We went with her to get some fruit.  The basket she is holding we filled with eggs.

The market - where you can get anything and everything.

Notice the meat on the side of Elder Dibb.  He's giving it quite a look.

The necklace that the little Flores girl gave me when we left their home after lunch.  (Refer back to the first photos.  Also, the story behind it is in our letter this week.  Everyone have a wonderful and prosprous New Year.   

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