Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cathedral and Cochabamba

Guards at the presidential palace in La Paz.  The president was here this day.  We went into the center of La Paz on our P-day and saw this along with the famous Cathedral San Francisco.  We went into the museum there and were able to see the "gold" in the cathedral.  (pictures were not permitted, but it was amazing)

This is how they repair the wires on the street.  The ladder on the left is  tipping and the worker at the bottom is trying to keep him upright.  The ladders are just leaning on the "many" wires and the workers are taping wires together.

A picture of the Cristus statue in Cochabamba.  We were grounded in Cochabamba and the airlines put us up in a hotel for the night.  We had a chance to walk around the city and visit the temple grounds.

A Cathedral through the arches that surround the Plaza in the old part of downtown Cochabamba.

The temple grounds in Cochabamba with many young people here to do baptisms for the dead. 

Elder Dibb in front of the temple in Cochabamba.

A church next to the hotel in Cochabamba. 

The youth in our ward.  The stake had an Olympics that lasted four days last week.  It included, soccer, basketball, volleyball and ping pong.  The young people had a great time.
We are back at the presidential palace.  These are Bolivians going in to talk to the president.

Another Cathedral and a plaza in front - in La Paz.

Elder Dibb on top of the San Francisco Cathedral.  You could go right over the roof to the bells.

From the bell tower, looking at the roof of the Cathedral.

One of the "narrow" passage ways that we went through to get to the roof.

The outside of the San Francisco Cathedral.  This is a place of many demonstrations.  It is a huge building with many courtyards along with the main chapel.  There are always people on the steps and in front of the building.  We had an enjoyable day exploring "old La Paz".

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