Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Marches and Missionaries

These are the two missionaries who took very good care of us when we first arrived, Elder Cuellar and Elder Gonzales.  This was Elder Cuellars (he's on the left) last day in the mission, he is on his way home to Peru.  Sister Dibb cried.

One morning these school kids were demonstrating against a number of things.  We found out that the demonstrations were sponsored by the Social Science Dept. at the large University known for its protests.  Apparently the young people have special instruction on how to demonstrate.  Seems reasonable, since Bolivia is famous for its frequent protests.

Here are the kids in Plaza Aboroa handing out pamphlets and carrying signs.  They seemed to enjoy their demonstration under the watchful eye of University professors and students.

A picture of the 11 year old young men at their mini CCM (MTC).  They looked very missionary like in their dark suits, white shirt, ties, and name badges.  Those young men on the right are returned missionaries who did some of the training.

Elder Dibb is explaining somewhat about the early history of the Church in La Paz and other parts of Bolivia.  They were interested to know how few members there were.  To them, the Church has always been part of Bolivian life.

You can see on the small table pictures of all our children and their families.  Sister Dibb talked about what a great blessing it is to have missionaries serving in your family and how the missions of our children have been a blessing to them.

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