Tuesday, April 17, 2012

P-day - a long walk

On P-day we tried to go on a bus tour only to find that the bus had broken down.  So, since it was a nice day, we decided to walk to a couple of parks we hadn't been to.  This one is on big hill.  But we had time, so we walked slowly.  This is the gate to the entrance.

You can see that the walk going down the hill is pretty steep and goes back and forth.  There are a lot of parks, or plazas here in La Paz, but none of them are for playing.

Beside the park on top of the wall surrounding a home are broken bottles to keep trespassers out.

There was a rose garden in the part and in many places throughout the city there are shrines to Mary.  People put flowers at these places regularly.

This park is clear on the other side of the canyon.  As you can see it is kind of an amusement park.  But nothing was working.  It seems that nothing works and a lot of museums are not open on Mondays - Our P-day.

There is an amazing walkway on the side of the canyon that we walked out on.  Some of the pictures are taken from the walkway.

Looking down into the bottom of the canyon.  There are several soccer fields.  There are 4 in this picture and more to the left.  They have several different colors - all are concrete.

We took this picture of the home of one of our "less active" families.  These are the ones that were at our home for family home evening a couple of weeks ago.  Their home is the one at the bottom with no blocks.  It is 2 rooms for 5 people - no running water, etc.  The other two houses belong to other family members.  The room on the left is where we had lunch a few months ago and we put pictures on the blog of the mother and daughter.  We love these families and know that Heavenly Father loves them, too.

We walked up to the city and caught a picture of these Bolivians sitting on the steps of the cathedral  on the Plaza Murillo.  I love their native clothing.  These could be some of the many protesters in the city frequently.

We've never seen so many pigeons.  This Dad and his son are feeding them.  They cover the entire plaza.  When something scares them, it reminds you of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds". 

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