Monday, December 5, 2011

The Bolivian Zoo

We ate lunch with Martha Munoz and her daughter who just recently returned from Germany.  Andrea also speaks English.  We had so much fun learning how to crush mangos and suck out the insides. 

This is Santos, a returned missionary who is anxious to learn English with the Companion Language Study program.  We are working with him.  The Book of Mormon was given to him by his American companion.

Here are some pictures from the zoo on P-day.  The elders each thought that the other was going to call us to tell us we had permission to wear "P-day clothes".  So we are in missionary clothes.

Some kind of deer - no antlers.

There is a parrot behind Elder Dibb.

The missionaries looking at the parrots.

On of the eagles protecting his food.

One of the many rattlesnakes in the reptile house.

A big boa.

We were fascinated with the Andean Condor.  This one is headed to dinner - chasing away the other birds that have come in for a free meal.

A condor coming off the hill toward another condor. 

A fox.

Another condor sitting on a rock in the cage.

Llamas and alpacas.  There was a vicuna in the shade, but didn't get a good picture.

The missionaries teased the monkey with a hat.  This time, the monkey got hold of it and the elder had a hard time getting it back.

A picture from the zoo of "Devil's Tooth"

Do you like my hat.  We bought it outside the gate and we didn't realize how "big" it was.  Butt it kept the hot sun off, so it was worth it.  The condor is behind me.

The rock formations on the way to the zoo.  They are a lot like Bryce Canyon, only gray.

Another picture of the landscape on the way to the zoo.

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