Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cobija trip

Her is Andrea Quinteros.  We are still teaching her and hope that she will be able to be baptized soon.

Bananas on the trees in Cobija.  All of the pictures are mixed up and I don't know how to change them around.  But you can see some of the things we saw in Cobija.

Buzzards in the garbage on the street.  Usually in La Paz we see only dogs in the garbage that is left under a tree to be picked up by the garbage truck.

Some kind of fruit we saw when we went over to Brazil.  Elder Dibb says is is the "forbidden fruit" from the Garden of Eden.

At a park in Brazil.

This was our hotel room in Cobija.  It was about 12 feet square.  But we did have a private bath with shower (wired for hot water) and air conditioning. So we were lucky.

Motorcycles lined the streets.  They were everywhere.  A lot of them were taxis.  We saw many families riding the motorcycles, 3 or 4 together, including little ones.  There were people carrying many things on the bikes with them.  Very interesting.

A picture from the plane coming into Cobija.  The water in the river is brown - very dirty - but we were told that there are fish in it.

This is where we waited to pick up our suitcase.  They unload it from the plane and then put it on the "patio" behind Dale.  Then you have to go in to gate and get your luggage, then get it checked before you can bring it out.

A picture from the taxi showing the bungles that people carry on their cycles.

The taxi stand at the airport.  Mostly motorcycles.  We were lucky to get one of the regular cars.

Elder Dibb and Bishop Moya on the bridge crossing the river to Brazil.

A picture to show that we were really in Brazil.

A lady getting on a "taxi".

A carving at the hotel where we stayed.

The river between Bolivia and Brazil. 

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Ann Mitchell said...

WOW! Brazil! Cool!!!
When you upload pictures, just make sure if you load them one at a time, to scroll down from the last one to add it. I find it's easier to upload all photos at once, then go on the page and insert the writing. :)