Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas service activity

What a special week for us.  We spent a couple of hours on Thursday putting together baskets of food to take with us to a small city by Lake Titicaca called Batalla.  Our purpose was to help the members of the Church there and give a toy and candy to the children for Christmas.  Saturday was the day and it was amazing. The Spirit of Christmas was so strong.  Enjoy the pictures and feel the true Spirit of Christ.  This is some of the youth preparing the baskets.
The youth and us after the baskets are filled.  This is our "chapel".  Chairs are set up every week for our Sacrament Meeting.
This is the Primary president and the counselor in the YW who bought most of the supplies for the project.  Our children from the U.S. sent money to help.  We are most grateful to them for their willingness to give to those in need.       
Hermana Dibb showing a couple of the kinds of toys for the little girls.  There were trucks, cars and balls (that we pumped up on the bus) for the boys.

Wrapping the baskets.

We had 50 baskets that were ready to take on Saturday.

Loading the bus for the trip.  Elder Dibb just put some baskets on the bus.

On the bus and on our way.

These were some of the first little kids we saw looking through the fence as we drove up.

The little girl in the pink took my hand and wanted to show me the flowers and have her picture taken with her sister. Notice how thick her braids are.  She came close to me several times and hugged me.  It was very touching.
Here she is again with the lollipop from her Christmas bag.

Members of our barrio putting the finishing touches on the bags for the children (candy)

Children moving anxiously from the Chapel after the devotional so they could get in line for their gift bags.
Waiting patiently in line, youngest to oldest.
Some of the children after receiving their gifts bags.  They loved getting photos taken and then seeing themselves almost instantly.
All of the children and  missionaries after the bags were distributed.  They were all so happy and thankful for the thoughtfulness of others.
A few pictures of families and the typical older women on the Altiplano.  There are a lot of women who wear these derbies in La Paz as well.

The missionaries with their baskets and us (in our P-day clothes).  The little girl on the left slipped in.  She is the daughter of a counselor in our bishopric.

The sisters of the rama (branch) made lunch for us on cardboard in the middle of the playing field.  They each brought something (pot luck) and dumped it all together.  There were potatoes, chicken and fried bananas.  I actually tasted some chicken and potatoes.  It was OK.
The meal from the top.

A musical group from Achicachi.  They played typical Bolivian music and sang some Bolivian songs.  We will be going to Achicachi in January to train the joven (YM/YW) leaders.

Two little boys playing with their gifts.
The barrio's lunch down at Lake Titicaca after the visit to the branch.
The crowning blessing of the week.  Elder Dibb was able to baptize Pablo on Sunday afternoon.  It was a very spiritual experience.  His family is all Catholic and none of them came to the baptism.  There were three young missionaries, us, his friend with his girlfriend, our high priest group leader, the Bishop of the ward he lives in and a couple of other people.  I think he feels like we are his grandparents and we were blessed to be part of this special event in his life.  We taught him before we found that he lives in another area.  He will be confirmed next Sunday and we will be there.


Cindy said...

Linda, thanks for sharing your amazing experiences. You look great!!

andrew and brittani said...

I don't see any chuno in that pile of food... what is up with that? haha, have you had the wonderful experience of eating it yet?