Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More Sucre picturesWe

We spent a rainy morning at the Museum de Libertad.  They had several pieces that were all inlaid wood.  They were very beautiful and had some secret compartments.  This is also where the little harpsichord was.  I sneaked a picture of the harpsichord.  We had to pay extra to take pictures and John took pictures here and sent them to us.  Fun furniture.

This is in one of the big halls with the flags of Bolivia over the years.  The statue is carved out of a single piece of wood and is Simon Bolivar.

We are in the council room where the declaration of independence was signed.  John and Chris Norman (2nd counselor in the temple presidency and a young man who wanted his picture taken with us.)

The choir loft in the great hall.  Yes, the loft is gold inlay.

Chris Norman and Linda surrounding a copy of their Declaration of Independence signed in the year 1809.  Independence for Bolivia did not come until 1825, the last of the countries controlled by Spain in South America to gain independence.

We are sitting on some of the chairs in the hall.  They are wood and straight backs - very uncomfortable.  These were for the more common people.  The important men sat in chair that were soft, red, and more comfortable.

Chris and Linda standing by a "box" they used to carry dead officials through the street.

The fountain in the plaza.

At the front door to the Musea de Libertad.

We are in front of our bed and breakfast "the Casa Verde".  The breakfast was really good  - the rooms were not so good.

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