Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In front of the door to the Libertad.  It is the museum of the history of the revolution in the early 1800's, with freedom from the Spaniards coming in 1825, the last of the countries under Spanish rule to gain independence.

The Casa Verde is a Bed and Breakfast where we stayed for 3 nights in Sucre.  The breakfast was great, but the rooms left a little to be desired.  We stayed in the "superior" room, which had a little loft and a TV - of course, there was nothing to watch.  We had hot water in the shower, but not in the sink and the stairs were concrete and went up in the bathroom so Elder Dibb bumped his head often when backing away from the sink.  It was "an experience".

In one of the museums we went to there was this harpsicord that was made in the 15th century.  Sister Dibb was fascinated with the keys.  They were made with 2 separate pieces.  It still plays.

This is the side view.  It was very interesting.

There was a beautiful plaza in the middle of Sucre.  We walked around and through this plaza many times during our 5 day stay in Sucre.  We ate at a great restaurant across the street on the balcony 3 different times.  Loved this.

In a textile museum, there was a movie with the men wearing these shoes While dancing.  They have to be careful that they don't rip their legs apart as they make the moves.

It is fascinating to watch her weave.  The ladies still do their weaving this way.  She uses her left hand to lift the warp to help create the pattern in the finished product.  It takes about 3 months to finish a piece this size.

We got to put on a couple of the native hats in the museum.  Neat, huh?  But not much sun shade for Elder Dibb.

Here is Elder Dibb with the guide in his native costume.  Loved learning more about the history of Bolivia and the people.

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