Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sister Dibb is giving piano lessons to the 10 year old girl in this family.  She is excited about learning and is willing to put in the time.  The little boy in the mother's lap is our little wanderer in Sacrament Meeting.  He spends time with the Bishopric on the stand.  This is the Escobar family.

We spent last Saturday in Achicachi on the Altiplano in our continual quest to provide training for the leaders in those struggling branches.  President Quintanilla, our mission president, the one on the left in the back, and one of his counselors are in the picture as well. 

After the training meeting in Achicachi, we visited with a family in the small town of Warisata.  This little opening through the adobe wall is the entrance to their home and yard.  We went to his home to see the greenhouse he has built.  You can see it in the background.

Here is the greenhouse.  It works, too, it was nice and warm inside.  He is just about ready to plant the vegetables they will be growing.  His wife is in the picture as well with their three month old baby on her back.

Here are the greenhouse husband and wife.  We are on the Altiplano and surprisingly, he began speaking English with us.  He served a mission in the Everett, Washington mission about eight years ago.  He traveled from Bolivia to Washington to teach the Gospel while our youngest son, Andrew,  traveled from Utah to Bolivia to teach the Gospel.  They were on their missions at the same time.

This is the mountain backdrop for the town of Warisata.  The name of the peak is Illampu and it is about 21,000 feet high.

Notice the sign on the gate.  The little chapel for the Warisata branch is hiding in back of the gate.  Its just a small one room building.  Some day soon, they hope to have a new chapel.

The building now used for the chapel is in the yard of the branch president's family.  This is their dog, one of the smallest little Heinz varieties we have ever seen.  It is only about four inches high and six inches long.

The baby of the family, the grand daughter of the branch president, is all wrapped up in the blankets the mother uses to carry the little girl on her back.

This is the only tom turkey we have seen in Bolivia.  The family told us not to get too close.  Seems the old tom likes to attack anyone who gets near.

We are all in the yard of the branch president,s family.  You probably recognize Elder Dibb on the left, next is President Quintanilla, then his counselor, President Miranda, next the branch president and his wife, and last the greenhouse husband and wife and their two year old daughter.  Sorry, Elder and Sister Dibb could not remember the name of this family.  We love to visit with the members on the Altiplano.

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