Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 10 - 16, 2012

This is Arturo and his Sister, Kelly.  Arturo was baptized a couple of months ago and he called us one day to tell us that his sister wanted to be baptized and wanted us to teach her.  So we have started teaching her.  The last meeting, she brought her other sister.  We told Arturo he is a "missionary" already. 

One of the nice chapels in Calecoto where we teach missionaries English.

We just had to put this in.  This is just a small rack, but they are all "dog clothes".  There are booths all over and even some complete stores that have only "dog clothes."  Some of them are really cute.

The Saturday before our "Barrio conference" we had a lunch at the church.  Hermana Gonzalez in the front is the Primary President.  Our bishop is standing in the background and our stake president is the last man you can see on the right.  It was a nice event.

Hermana Coca had her daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter here from Santa Cruz.  Hermana Perez (her daughter) has a missionary son in the La Paz Mission.  He was in the office for a while and we got to know him quite well.

This cute family has just become active in the church.  We ate lunch at their house last week and the little girl, Sara was so excited.  She met us at the elevator and spent quite a bit of time talking to us.  Hopefully, the boys are preparing for missions.

On Sunday, after we came home from Church, we heard a trumpet playing.  We didn't think much of it, the hurried to the window to see what was happening.  There was a little parade of people, some carrying the statue, others singing and marching.  Just got the back of the group out our apartment window.

This is a much better picture.  On Monday, we went to the Cordero's for lunch (part member family).  We came upon this procession as we walked.  July 16 is the date of the founding of La Paz.  So even though they didn't know it, they whole city celebrated Linda's birthday.

The group paused, sang a song and then the priest in the white cape said some words.  It's interesting to see that anyone can stop traffic and do their things in the middle of the road.  The park is right behind them and would have been a much nicer setting for their celebration.

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