Saturday, April 6, 2013

We went on an outing with all the temple missionaries to an ecological area where there is camping and picnic areas.  This was one of the few times we had a bus that was somewhat comfortable and high enough to stand up in.

This bull was right on the trail as we hiked in.

This man made stream was beautiful and came all the way down the mountain.  The Petina family (wealthy tin magnate) owned this area along with their "summer home".  The little house at the top of the picture had an electrical generator at one time for providing electricity for the family.

On the hike with a "river" and waterfall in the background.

All the missionaries at the picnic area.  We each brought our own lunch and then something to share.  We also spent some time playing cards before we went to the "summer home".

These are typical steps by the waterfall.  All the steps in Bolivia are uneven.  They just use the boards that are available and whatever size they are is the size the steps will be.

The "summer home".  We posted pictures of their home in Cochabamba earlier.  You can't believe the size of this thing.  They even had a swimming pool - which is now empty.  The father never lived here, but his family did sometimes.  He spent most of his time in Europe. 

This is the fountain in the courtyard.

This lawn and statue are right in front of the house.

This pond is by the side of the house and has goldfish in it.

Elder Dibb visited with this little boy for a while.  He lived on the estate with his family, who worked on the grounds.  It was a beautiful place.

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